Welcome Cascadians Against White Supremacy


The Cascadia Underground is excited to Welcome to the Cascadians Against White Supremacy (Join the caws) Workgroup to create toolkits for simple steps to combat systemic white supremacy, and provide a platform for sharing stories of those affected by, or taking a stand against white supremacy.

CAWS (Cascadians Against White Supremacy) is a non-partisan, volunteer organization aimed at educating about and acting against white supremacist action within the Cascadia bioregion. They do this via independently run workgroups and semi-annual CAWS summits, which feature TEDx-style personal and educational presentations, musical guests, and performances. Each summit culminates in resistance art making workshops, sponsored by Cascadia Underground.

Cascadia Underground is also excited to partner to provide space and equipment for video interviews with leading activists, organizers, and those working to combat white supremacy in their day to day lives.  


If you’re interested in fighting white supremacy within the Cascadia bioregion, here are ways you can get involved with CAWS:

  1. Join a work group. This is an all-hands-on-deck movement! If you want to take responsibility for networking with frontline groups, join in on postering campaigns, help organize the next CAWS Summit, or have some sweet merch ideas – there’s a workgroup waiting for you to start or join!
  2. Give a presentation at a CAWS summit. Whether you’re passionate about the history of WS within Cascadia, are trained in conflict de-escalation tactics, want to talk about your personal experiences, or want to perform your anti-racist or POC-perspective art for a new audience – let us know!
  3. Share, promote, and bring awareness to CAWS events and workgroups. Talk to people within your network about CAWS, or post on social media.
  4. Make suggestions. See something we’re missing? Let us know, and consider leading a workgroup on this topic or interest!


Please email us at jointhecaws@gmail.com, or stop by the Cascadia Underground location within Horizon Books on Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA.


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