Cascadia Underground

From Education to Action

Cascadia Underground is a Seattle-based media center and Cascadia wide collective that provides action-focused education, resources and community space for the Cascadia movement and bioregional issues. By magnifying diverse voices, stories and perspectives, we empower Cascadians to actively resist oppression, exploitation, discrimination or marginalization.


  1. Functional and dedicated media spaces for Cascadians and programs furthering bioregional principles including video, camera, recording and editing equipment available for community use.
  2. Diverse and inclusive media collectives made up of CascadiaNow! Members and community members which represent different groups and/or causes.
  3. Regularly generated original social media content, infographics and toolkits that put local, regional and national issues into a bioregional perspective and context.
  4. Regularly generated original video, audio and media content undertaken and created by collective members using the space, then shared on the Cascadia Underground platforms and on the program’s web pages.
  5. Educational and generative classes that happen regularly, have a community-building component as determined by the students, and that provide the tools and infrastructure needed by those telling their personal narratives.
  6. A non-profit store partnered with artists to create original merchandise, with any sales being used as a fundraising tool to support 1) local artists and 2) 501(c)3 non-profit causes.

Building Diversity:

Cascadia Underground’s leadership team is proud to represent a wide variety of Cascadian voices. With more than half of the team comprised of people of color, and also including non-gender conforming and LGBTQ+ individuals, Cascadia Underground seeks to be an active example of its commitment to strengthening diversity within the Cascadia movement.