Our goal with the Cascadia Underground is to provide a hub of artful resistance here in the Cascadia Bioregion. We host lots of art making activities through our Ballard Space, the Capitol Hill space - and have many opportunities for people to get involved. Reach out if you're interested!

Become an Agent of Resistance


One of our big goals will be to provide free resource packs and materials for anyone interested in the idea of Cascadia, and helping make direct impacts in their communities. Art kits, free designs and educational resources and action guides so that every person can be a cultural provocateur, are something we will provide. If you are an artists - we would love to talk with you.  

The Shipyard

Cascadia Shipyard

The Shipyard is a 6400 shared artist space in Ballard. We are building an area that is meant to be a social space, and also a place where large art projects can happen - where space might be difficult to find around the city. Currently we are building our space out of four 40' containers, and working to incorporate as many off grid principles as we can - to show the change we want to be, and not just talk about it. 

Meet the Sasquatch


Come join Cascadians from around the city and region as we build, rebuild, and march with Sasquatch every year in the Fremont Solstice Parade. This tradition started in 2014, and you might find Sasquatch roaming throughout the Pacific Northwest to events and festivals throughout the summer months. Please join our community if you would like to come join us, and share your wonderful ideas!

The Bus


The Cascadia Bus is technically the property of Brandon Letsinger - but available for use for whoever might need it for an important cause. It has travelled to Standing Rock and back, transported giant puppets, aided supplies and people for blockades - and is freely available for use - please just arrange it ahead of time, and try to find someone who can drive a bus.

Guerrilla Art Schools

Guerrilla Art Schools are mobilizations of artful resistance. Our first Guerrilla Art School was held January 19th, 2017 as an open space for groups, communities and causes to come together and prepare for a weekend of action against the Trump Inauguration. 

The Thursday night event was held with hundreds of participants at the Columbia City Church of Hope, and included members of the Seattle Neighborhood Action Coalition, Seattle CascadiaNow!, WXMarch organizers, Food Not Bombs, Project Wrongway, Filthy Femcore, Chaotic Noise, PussyHat organizers, wonderful workshop facilitators, stencil trainings, wheatpaste trainings, and run our silkscreen, print making and button stations.

For information on upcoming Guerrilla Art Trainings... stay tuned.