The Cascadia Underground is an open publishing website, which means that you are encouraged to publish your news coverage, analysis, comments, and event announcements to the site. Here you will find resources on how to share, submit and publish your material.

Submissions encouraged! 

How to Publish an Event to the Calendar
Simply click the  

Add Your Calendar Feed

If you know of an event feed you think belongs in this calendar, paste its iCalendar (.ics) feed’s URL below. If approved, its events will be added to this calendar.

Get Your Own Calendar

If you already have your own WordPress website, it’s easy to install your own All-in-One Event Calendar from Timely:

  1. Browse to
  2. Download the free All-in-One Event Calendar plugin.
  3. Log into your WordPress dashboard.
  4. Browse to Plugins > Add New > Upload.
  5. Choose the .zip file you just downloaded, and click Install Now.

That’s it! You’ll have your own All-in-One Calendar up and running within minutes.

For help or for more information, please visit Timely Support.

  to submit an event to our community calendar. This feature is just being added so feel free and submit your event even if you don't see the calendar present. When we've activated it, you will see the community calendar from the top of navigation bar, under the Calendar tab, and embedded on the front page, and in certain side bars. You can click the link that says, "Add an Event" any time, or view the calendar or agenda. Please include a flyer or featured image if possible, to help promote the event. To include a flyer or other file, scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says "Upload Attachments". Next, browse on your computer to find each file's location. Only upload files, works or images that are your personal creations, you have received explicit permission to share on the Cascadia underground, or that are licensed for re-use or non-commercial re-use, and please include full credit and cite the creator of the work if relevant. 

How to Publish an Article or Media
 If you would like to submit an article, simply fill out the form below. If you would like us to host a segment, or become a regular contributor, please fill out our be involved form, make sure you a registered user, and we will upgrade your needed permissions. Please make sure you have read our editorial and submission policy or read more about the Cascadia Underground.  If you have photos, a flyer, or audio or video files? If so, scroll down to the bottom of the publish page where it says "Upload Attachments". Next, browse on your computer to find each file's location.

You must also include a title, author, summary (this can be the first paragraph of the main text, for example) and the main text. Please also should choose a topic and a location. Make sure to use a title that reflects what the content is. That way people will be more likely to click on the article and read it.

You can also read our Tips for Writing a Successful Blog Post here.

If you would like to be a regular contributor, please read our editorial policy and guidelines here. 

Host your Segment or Class
 If you would like to share your class, become a regular contributor, or would like to host your content, media, video, podcast or segment on our website, please contact us to be involved or talk with us to get your permissions bumped up. 

Get Involved
 The Cascadia Underground is an independent media network that creates and shares content around Cascadia, bioregionalism and key bioregional issues. If you are someone who wants to get more hands on experience creating original content, a Cascadian who believes in Cascadia, or a media maker passionate about an issue we want to connect with you! 

Right now, we have a ton of options of ways to be involved, from restarting independent media teams that document news in local communities, to video editing, podcast editing, working with an existing program, or helping us create a range of tool-kits and resources.  

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