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A Cascadian guide to Net Neutrality for taking action in ID, OR, WA.

the CU is a workgroup, media collective, infoshop and storefront. Join us!

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1423 10th Ave 98122, Seattle WA | Open 12-8 Daily | Inside of Horizon Books

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Cascadia Underground was created to meet many needs of the Cascadia Movement. Sharing a space with Horizon Books on Capitol Hill, it is an infoshop, community space and media collective. In our current political and social climate, the CU wants to be able to react quickly and definitively to fight the systemic issues facing our communities, serving as a bridge to support, partner with, and create space for traditionally marginalized and front line communities, causes and issues, for a better bioregion for all of us. It will support these causes by creating space, and financially through profit sharing arrangements with organizations, causes and local artists.

There are many amazing team members working to make this space and idea happen, and we hope you will join us.